We Do Not Forget From A Football Gambling Agent to Visit Our Website – The history of the archipelago further describes a new form in the life of the nation living in this island nation. After centuries of being ruled by kings who are Buddhists and Hindus, they will gradually change, especially with the entry and development of Islamic preaching in this archipelago.

As described above, that at least in 1448 m, the followers of Islam were almost at the Majapahit Palace. this is concluded from the existence of a grave bernisan in the capital of Majapahit, which lists the number of the year of Java in 1370 or 1448 m, it is said that in that place the burial of the princess of a brawijaya king Majapahit concubine was the last.

purtri kingdom C, the mpa embraced Islam following his father the king of Vietnam, the north fled and asked for protection to Malaka, then converted to Islam in the Sultan’s palace mensur syah the king of Malacca. From the Javanese historical sources, there is another story about princess c, what seems to be that the brawijaya prabu concubine has Dewi’s sister candra wulan who marries maulana malik ibrahim.

1419 m, one of the guardians of Songo, who had the title sunan gresik, a Raden Rahmat, also a guardian, with the title Sunan Ampel 1481 m which according to the tripat diponogoro, he was very influential in Islam Istana Majapahit. Even his wife came from the royal family.

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