988Sport – In the middle of the XV century, in Sumatra several Islamic kingdoms were established. And history records that the entry and development of Islam into the archipelago was brought by traders who accused of spreading Islam to the locals they met. So Islam entered and developed in the archipelago which finally stood the Islamic kingdoms.

Not from the expedition sent by the Islamic caliph in power in the Arab country. Therefore, Islam developed faster and was accepted by the population of the archipelago, which had previously been among those who were not yet religious, had also embraced Buddhism and Hinduism after which almost 90% of the population of this archipelago were Muslim.

In contrast to the arrival of Christian Protestant and Catholic missionaries who entered the archipelago to ride the power of the Dutch colonialists for quite a long time in the archipelago. Adherents of this religion are not as many as adherents of Islam, which can replace the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism in the archipelago.

In a book written by abu ishaq, it is explained that in the 3rd century migrated or the 9th century, an Islamic kingdom was established in the archipelago. that is in Aceh. In 173 h a gray sailing ship at the airport didn’t need to bring a da’wah group under the leadership of the captain of the Khalifa, who came from Teluk Teluk Gujarat. in 1 muharram 225 H the kingdom must be proclaimed to be a sultanate of the Islamic kingdom.

During That Time the Attack on the Kingdom of Sriwidjaja Atas Was Not Even in 986 AD Sultan Alaiddin Sayid Maulana Shah Gugur.

The sultan was left alone, the sultan’s malik ibrahim, the sovereign johan who led the resistance against Sriwijaya. Finally the siriwijaya forces who had experienced years of war retreated and returned to Palembang in southern Sumatra and the war ended in 1006 m. Since then, the Sultanate of Perlak was led by the descendants of the sovereign Johan. And later exchanging names into the ocean of pasai.

The meurah silu with the title al malik as saleh who ruled the ocean sultanate after 1289 m, was the descendant of the sultan, the sultan of the malik ibrahim johan. Ibn Battuta, who traveled from China to China, visited the oceanic sultanate in 1342 m. which at that time was ruled by the sultan Ahmad Bahian Shah Malik Az Zahir 1345 m.