Agen Judi Bola – The Balinese Hindu culture they embrace is a combination of Hinduism and Buddhism that came from India as well as the beliefs of ancient Bali itself according to Balinese beliefs, humans are part of nature if humans consist of body and spirit, nature is composed of earth as body and human as rohhani.

And the architecture of the art and science of methods and the style of design and makes it form a harmonious and intact whole as harmonious as the Balinese masai align themselves with their natural environment so that architecture as a creation seems to grow from the ground or nature.

Balinese Hindu people generally live in the plains area. They consider the mountainous area a more sacred place because it is in the mountains of many temples and temples. This building in the holy city is abundant and dominant in Bali. Apart from being used in the area built in the village of the village in the yard. The village center is an intersection between directions marked by a crossroad.

It is a place that is considered sacred as usual in that place is placed a cult statue. Around there is a castle of wantilan banyan trees and open fields. A rectangular, wantilan building with no walls. is the one who came out of the holy place to fight the chicken.